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What is remembered, and how is it remembered?


Who gets to say what is history and what is commemorated?


Who gets to say who should be recognized and memorialized?


Some New Yorkers take it upon themselves to create their own memorials. is a visual survey of these “unofficial” memorials, commemorations, and tributes in New York City - including memorials that I have created and placed in the street.


This site is an ongoing project that documents local neighborhood memorials and tributes. Also included are commemorations of events that were infamous in their time but have since faded from memory, as well as memorials that bring to light people and events that are purposely ignored by "official" memorial makers.


All of the unofficial memorials on this site communicate the heartfelt message: This person or event was important to me, to my family, to our neighborhood, to our city, to our culture, to our society. Let us recognize and remember them.


“If there is any substitute for love, it is memory.” -Joseph Brodsky


New images of memorials will be added to this site periodically. Send a message with your comments.

May they rest in peace. May their memory be a blessing.

Allan Molho is an artist
and photographer living in
New York City with his family.

All images and photographs by Allan Molho (unless otherwise noted).


All rights reserved. Do not print or post online without permission.

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