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Eric Garner memorial / commemoration by Gabriel Specter

Artist Gabriel Specter put up this memorial for Eric Garner in August 2021. Garner was killed by a police officer using a chokehold while being arrested on July 17, 2014 in Staten Island, New York.

For this memorial, Specter created a huge stencil that he hung from above and pinned to the wall. He then used a fire extinguisher to spray the entire stencil with paint. In September 2021 he created another piece with the same technique.

This is a poignant piece by Gabriel Specter, and is a continuation of his innovative and powerful projects. You can see more of his work at and Luna Park's flickr album.

If you have more information on the process and execution of this great memorial, let us know. You can see more New York neighborhood memorials at

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